An update from the FPM and BPS to those waiting to access pain services

Published: 16/10/2020

The Faculty of Pain Medicine, in collaboration with the British Pain Society, would like to acknowledge those who have been unable to access pain services during the pandemic and assure you that we are working hard to ensure these services can safely resume.

Together we have published an update which includes responses to a number of frequently asked questions.

An update from the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) and British Pain Society (BPS) to those waiting to access pain management therapy in NHS Pain Services across the UK

We hope that this information helps to answer some of the questions that you have. We are very aware that many pain services now have a long waiting list for most appointments and we appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time as pain clinicians try to catch up. 

We would however like to reassure you that we remain committed to supporting you and all the pain services in the UK to help deliver the highest quality services.