RCoA returning to some face-to-face exams

Published: 17/02/2022

The College is returning to face-to-face delivery for SOEs and OSCEs in the FRCA, FFICM and FFPMRCA exams from the end of April 2022. The written MCQ and CRQ components will remain online for all exams. 

The College had moved to online delivery for all components at the start of the pandemic, in order to continue to support the careers of anaesthetists, intensivists and pain specialists during travel and social contact restrictions. 

As previously announced, the College made a commitment to online exam delivery until April 2022 but promised to make a decision before then about whether to remain virtual or return to the pre-pandemic face-to-face format. Uncertainty as to the impact of the Omicron variant prevented us from taking this decision sooner, but with greater stability and following preliminary discussions with the GMC, we are confident now is a good time to return to face-to-face. 

Now with restrictions easing, the College is able to return to holding clinical exams in person. The changes will take effect from the April 2022 sitting of the FFICM as recommended by the FICM Board. The March sitting of the FFPMRCA SOE will be online.

Exam timetable

  • 8 and 10 March 2022:  FRCA Final Written Exam - online delivery
  • w/c 14 March 2022:  FRCA Final SOE - online delivery 
  • 29 March 2022: FFPMRCA SOE - online delivery 
  • w/c 25 April 2022: FFICM Final OSCE/SOE - face-to-face delivery
  • w/c 16 May 2022: FRCA Primary OSCE/SOE - face-to-face delivery
  • w/c 20 June 2022: FRCA Final SOE - face to face delivery

For queries, please contact exams@rcoa.ac.uk.