PCI's new resources on supporting people with money and health issues

Published: 03/08/2023

The Faculty of Pain Medicine welcomes the new Money Talk Toolkit free learning resource from the Personalised Care Institute (PCI)

The PCI has partnered with the Money and Pensions Service (MaPs) to launch this collection of free training and resources, created to equip health and care professionals to use personalised care approaches to identify, understand, support and refer people with money-related health issues, in order to achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

It follows research by the PCI and MaPS, which found that while half of health and care professionals are seeing an increase in health problems caused by money worries, nine out of 10 don’t feel equipped to discuss money matters with people.

Recognising that health needs can often arise from circumstances beyond the purely medical is a key principle of personalised care, and the Money Talk Toolkit is designed with this in mind.

Developed by subject experts, the free toolkit offers a collection of free courses and resources, equipping health and care professionals to use personalised care approaches to understand whether their financial situation could be impacting their health, and providing guidance on how to begin money conversations, what information to provide to those who need it and where to signpost people for effective financial wellbeing support.

The FPM believes that this new resource will be invaluable in guiding its Fellows to have financial well-being conversations with their patients when required.