Opioids Aware: A resource for patients and healthcare professionals to support prescribing of opioid medicines for pain

Good practice in prescribing opioid medicines for pain should reflect fundamental principles in prescribing generally. The decision to prescribe is underpinned by applying best professional practice; understanding the condition, the patient and their context and understanding the clinical use of the drug. This resource, developed by UK healthcare professionals and policymakers, provides the information to support a safe and effective prescribing decision.


Initially funded by Public Health England

Opioids and the law, writing opioid prescriptions, patient safety, reporting harms, record keeping, prescribing
Assessment and challenges of long-term pain, the role of medicines, a stepped approach to opioid prescribing
Opioids for different types of pain, their effectiveness and harms, dependence and addiction
Patient assessment, the opioid trial, long-term prescribing, stopping opioids, equivalents, the addicted patient
Types of pain, thinking about starting opioid medication and frequently asked questions about taking opioids