The importance of Acute Pain Medicine

Dr Mark Rockett (Acute Pain Medicine consultant and FFPMRCA Examiner) chaired his first meeting of the Acute Pain Medicine Working Party in June.  The Working Party has been tasked with looking at the full range of activities the Faculty undertakes: training, standards, workforce, education, the website, membership and much more.

One of the foundation activities of the group is ensuring we have an accurate list of all Acute Pain Leads for the UK so we can ensure you are connected into this work through censuses and questions.  This list is getting better every day but if you haven’t heard from us, please get in contact to be added to the list.

Members of the Working Party have already helped shape Acute Pain Medicine with their contributions to the Acute sections of Core Standards for Pain Management Services. 

The Working Party has begun work with our two Education Meeting Advisors to create an Acute Pain Study Day for February 2016.  Keep an eye on our events page.

Consideration of the needs for training in Acute Pain Medicine will be a key part of the work of this group as it moves forward.  Interesting, the census demonstrated that almost 80% of those involved in the Acute Pain service thought that acute pain specialists should be trained beyond the intermediate level of the CCT in Anaesthetics.  Over 50% thought this should be longer than the current stipulation of 1-3 months of higher.  This is especially interesting when compared to the minority view expressed rather publically in the September Perioperative Medicine themed edition of the Bulletin by some trainers in London of “the dogma … which relates that acute pain rounds can only be performed by those with higher pain competences”.  It is interesting to note that we are moving towards a stage of development in the NHS when training and consultant practice are seen as crucially linked.

More will follow on this important Working Party (on the website, in Transmitter and in the RCoA Bulletin) so keep checking in for updates and do feel welcome to get in touch.

28 August 2015