Joint Letter to The Times


As healthcare leaders we agree with the strong message Sir Bruce Keogh and others have sent in stressing how much we value all of our colleagues who have moved from other countries to work in the NHS.

Over the coming months, as the removal of European regulations impacting on healthcare is discussed, we must continue to support and attract vital doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and other support staff from the EU and around the world. Without non-UK nationals, the NHS and social care would not function – especially while we continue to train insufficient numbers of UK graduates.

To our colleagues from Europe and elsewhere: we are hugely grateful for your dedicated service to the patients of the NHS, we urge you to stay and we will continue to value you in a post-Brexit NHS.

Clare Marx
President, Royal College of Surgeons

Liam Brennan
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Jane Dacre
President, Royal College of Physicians

Nigel Hunt
Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons

Cliff Mann
President, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Anna Batchelor
Dean, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

01 July 2016