FPM New Membership Routes

The Faculty of Pain Medicine undertook a working party on membership over the last year, which coincided with the RCoA’s governance review.  There were two clear outcomes from this working party and another from the FPM work on the governance review, which has led to some important and beneficial changes to membership.  Please read more below:
Affiliate Fellowship – for Acute / Inpatient Pain Medicine doctors and Pain Medicine consultants
When Foundation Fellowship was replaced with Fellowship by Assessment (which then evolved into Fellowship by Examination), it became very difficult for Acute Pain / Inpatient Medicine doctors to join the FPM family.  The Board has been undertaking work on Acute Pain Medicine (from training to membership) over the last two years with our Acute Pain Medicine representative and there was a strong view from within the Faculty that we wanted it to be an all embracing home for doctors active in all types of Pain Medicine.  We have therefore launched Affiliate Fellowship, which we hope will see many interested members join and allow the FPM to evolve to have much stronger connections to the world of Acute / Inpatient Pain Medicine. 
This route is also open to Pain Medicine consultants without the examination who are not eligible for fellowship by any other route.
More details are available here.
Mark Rockett will be standing down as Acute Pain Medicine Faculty Board Representative at the end of this year and Affiliate Fellows will be eligible to be considered for this position.
More details are available on the advert found here.
Affiliate – a route for all healthcare professionals
As part of the nomenclature changes being undertaken as part of the RCoA Governance Review, we have decided to merge the route of Voluntary Register with the unopened routes of Affiliate and Associate Member.  This creates a simple and straightforward route of membership for all healthcare professionals active in Pain Medicine to join the Faculty.
More details are available here.
And finally … non-anaesthetic Pain Medicine Fellows
We have agreed with the RCoA the potential to open a rotue of Foundation Fellowship for those non-anaesthetics Pain Medicine consultants who were unable to join at the FPM’s inception.  In parallel, we are working with the GMC and Palliative Medicine to consider routes of entry for non-anaesthetic doctors to Advanced Pain Medicine training.  This may take some time with work on areas such as credentialing and the new Excellence By Design curriculum regulations still in their formative stages.  We would hope to open both Foundation Fellowship and training pathways for non-anaesthetic doctors in the not too distance future – do keep checking Transmitter and the website for updates on these developments.

24 September 2018