Guidelines for the Provision of Anaesthesia Services for Inpatient Pain Management 2019

This document is for guidance only. It is not intended to replace the clinical judgement of the individual anaesthetist, and the freedom to determine the most appropriate treatment for individual patients in a particular place at a specific moment should not be constrained by a rigid application of this guidance.

It is presented as part of a collection of guidance chapters, each written with best practice in mind, referenced to recommendations from national bodies. It is the view of the Royal College of Anaesthetists that it must be the responsibility of the individual reader to take into account particular local circumstances when applying the recommendations of each chapter.

Every chapter within the guidance document has been prepared on the strength of the best information available at the time of writing, and will be updated to include changes in guidelines from all sources each calendar year, before posting on the College website. Hard copies are not available.

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