Launch of Core Standards for Pain Medicine Services (CSPMS) Gap Analysis Questionnaire

Following feedback received since the launch of Core Standards for Pain Medicine Services, a need for a Gap Analysis Questionnaire was recognised and this tool is now available on the Faculty of Pain Medicine website.  This is aimed at allowing clinicians/ pain units to assess how closely their institution adheres to the Core Standards published in CSPMS. 

The Gap Analysis Questionnaire should help as a quality assessment tool, aiding your unit’s preparation for Care Quality Commission (CQC) visits and informing the editors of CSPMS on how to reshape the next version of Core Standards.

The CQC’s interest in using CSPMS standards is certain to continue. With this supportive publication, we hope to make the process of CQC assessment - or indeed any quality of care assessment more transparent and unambiguous.

31 May 2017