FPM Parliamentary meeting

The Faculty of Pain Medicine ‘Right Patient Right Professional Right Time initiative’ will be launched at a Parliamentary meeting on Wednesday 18 November.

At the Parliamentary meeting, the FPM will be proudly launching Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK. CSPMS is a collaborative multidisciplinary publication providing a robust reference source for the planning and delivery of Pain Management Services in the United Kingdom.  It is designed to provide a framework for standard setting in the provision of Pain Management Services for Healthcare professionals, commissioners and other stakeholders to optimise the care of our patients.  

The FPM will also be announcing the creation of Opioids Aware which will be released in the coming weeks.  Opioids Aware is an online resource to support prescribers and dispensers in making good decisions on initiating, maintaining and monitoring patients on opioid therapy for pain. It is also informs all prescribers about hazards of opioid therapy and how these may be prevented and recognised.  The resource will include information for patients and carers to support their choices on medications for pain. 


17 November 2015