The Board of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is responsible for the appointment and re-appointment of Regional Advisors in Pain Medicine (RAPM).

RAPMs are responsible for ensuring that training and education in pain medicine in their region is properly delegated and organised, fulfils the requirements of the CCT document, is accessible to all trainees (basic, advanced and those spending time in research) through suitable communication channels and is appropriately supervised.

The RAPM acts as coordinator between the Regional Advisor in Anaesthesia, the Postgraduate Dean, Programme Directors, College Tutors, academic departments, clinical managers, the Schools of Anaesthesia and other specialties (such as palliative medicine and neurology) to enhance training in pain medicine and to ensure trainees are appropriately appraised, assessed and supported.

The RAPM is involved in the assessment and Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) process for advanced pain medicine trainees. The RAPM also feeds back to the Faculty regarding any major problems or difficulties relating to pain medicine within their region.

Dr Victor Mendis formally succeeded Dr Lorraine de Gray as Chair of the RAPMs on 1st January 2017.



LPMES Conference

For the last 2 years the FPM has run  a sucessful LPMES Conference involving lectures, updates and workshops to keep LPMESs up to date with current training information.  The slides from the 2018 conference can be found below: